How it worked for us

In May 2020, we faced a daunting challenge: being laid off and starting from scratch. Armed with determination and a well-thought-out sales strategy, we began our journey in June 2020. By September, just a few short months later, we had signed proposals worth $70,000 in revenue.

Fast forward to September 2021, and we reached an incredible milestone: $200,000 in paid revenue. Achieving this required a total of about 80 hours of sales effort—less than two hours per week.

Now, we’re excited to share the exact 3-step sales strategy that propelled our business in this course. Learn the proven methods that turned our challenge into success and can do the same for you.

Stop Panicking About Selling Yourself

What if you could confidently sell yourself and let customers beg to work with you at high rates? 

With this online course you'll be able to:

Maximize Efficiency: Utilize the network matrix to swiftly identify and prioritize key individuals for engagement, saving valuable time.

Dive Deep: With the conversation checklist, swiftly navigate to the core concerns of your potential clients, showcasing your value proposition from the outset.

Proposals that Seal the Deal: Jumpstart your proposal writing process with our proven template, crafting compelling proposals that leave customers eager to sign, minimizing the need for negotiation.

About Us

Non-Sales Sales Academy is the mastermind behind the online course "Sales Simplified: A 3-Step Guide for Non-Sales Professionals." For over 15 years, we have been training professionals in leadership and sales.

Our team has combined decades of business consulting and sales experience to create the ultimate set of tools and strategies for non-sales professionals.

We believe that professionals should get what they deserve. We know you can achieve greater profits.


Here's What You Get When You Enroll Today

  • Three Essential Tools for a Smooth Sales Process: Streamline your sales with the Networking Matrix, Sales Conversation Checklist, and Winning Proposal Template. These tools make your sales process clear and frictionless.
  • Comprehensive Online Lessons: Receive detailed instructions on how to effectively use each tool through our engaging online lessons.
  • Immediate Access: Get instant access to our BONUS Sales Reflection Checklist to evaluate past sales, refine your strategies, and enhance your future success with clients.
  • Stay Updated: Receive regular email updates as we approach the release date.
  • Release Date: July 25th, 2024
  • What You’ll Gain: Walk away with an easy-to-remember three-step sales process, providing a solid foundation to attract new, well-paying customers and secure great projects.

Money Back Guarantee

Our $500 'Call Us Crazy' GUARANTEE:

Triple Your Profits In 100 Days or

Get $500 + Your Money Back!

We are so confident that our online course will transform your sales approach that we offer a no-risk guarantee. If you complete the course, implement the strategies, and can convincingly show that it hasn’t worked for you, we will not only refund the money you paid for the course, but also give you an additional $500 for your time and effort.